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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sex rehab WTF?

People.. what the heck is sex rehab and why is everyone going to one? I think this is the stupidest thing I have heard of!(ok not the stupidest.. but close) I mean really? Sex rehab? Tiger and Jesse got caught messing with other women and the answer is sex rehab? LOL NO the answer is stop being a DAH (DAH=Dumbasshole) and admit what you did. Tell the public that you messed up. This shit goes way back to Clinton, and his punk ass. If that idiot would have just said "Yea, I did this and Im sorry that its became public. I'm embarrassed for myself and my family." But NOOOOOOOOOOO He denied it and denied it. Until BAM! He was like "Oh yea I did that? Sorry!". Here is where the DAB moments come to play. Where are these women? I mean really? Your gonna let your men talk for you? If I was Hillary I would have gone public. I would have said "Yea I know about it, and we are handling this as a family. What we do is our business, and I am sorry that the public feels this is their business. NUFF SAID" I will tell you right now if they did that… everyone would have STFU! Well maybe not but you know I mean. In Tiger and Jesse's situations I am more pissed at the Woman. I mean WTF! DAB you better speak up! Not that you need to defend yourself to anyone, but cause right now you look really stupid. For one thing, when you are married to a celebrity that comes with some occupational hazards. These men and women are getting ass thrown at them all the time. So if you don't know that when you get married to them then you are a DAB or DAH (DAH=Dumbasshole). This is a business partnership not a marriage! It can't be. You know damn well that when you marry a celebrity that there is nothing normal about it. VH1 did profiles on "The wives of rap stars" those women kept it real. All of them knew who and what they married. None of them have delusions about it. If I were these women I would be the first one at these press conferences "Yea I knew. Or no I did not know" whatever, but say something. IMO the silence is just making them look like DAB's. That is just me and my opinion. Truthfully I don't really care about all these celebrities, but every time I open the internet or go to the store there are tons of crap out there talking about it. So I had to rant about it. Heres the deal people. Sex is normal! Get some fuckin self control and stop being punkasses about it. For once I would just like America to start talking real about sex. For instance… ladies watching PORN is not a crime. Stop beating up ur guys about it! Stop being DAB about it. Either watch it with them or STFU! I get so tired of hearing about that from my friend… "OMG I caught my guy watching porn", Or "that is so disgusting I don't know why he would want to watch it!" Well DAB either leave his ass or get with it! Try watching it maybe ur bitch ass will learn something so he won't have too! Or maybe you can just see that it's just a means of entertainment and get over it! Lord I'm sick of that crap! Oh and guys please stop thinking that all woman look like that! Cause real women don't. The ones that do don't want you they are to busy getting plastic surgery done or chasing money. However, some of us look as good if not better than most of them even if we don't way 2pds and have size 40DDD boobs, and we got the skills to prove it! So stop being DAH and stop being scrubs. Put Rosy away and go and get a real girl!!!!! LOL

Ok so this is my rant for today. Some of you are probably very offended by this, but really this is my opinion you could have stopped reading a long time ago. So it's ok go ahead and admit it you have had a DAB moment or two about this subject just like every other woman has.

Just Sayin,



  1. What pisses me off is the bitches that take these men back after they repeatedly do it. i know a DAB whose husband repeatedly cheats on her, and sickening to say she has a ring that she calls her affair rings she shows it off as if it is a joke. BARF!

  2. What about calling Monica Lewinsky and the other other women on the carpet? I'd love to see if they were so DumbAss as to believe he'd leave his perfect celebrity wives for them? Do they realize they're just DAH playthings?