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Thursday, April 1, 2010


So many of us all have DAB moments. Let me share todays:

Thinking to much about someone and somethings that are not worth the time or energy.

Why do we do this people? I know why! Its a DAB thinking process. If you think about it, when we waste energy on someone/s or something it is our own brand of torture. It's (whatever or whoever)not thinking about you! No one else is suffering just US! So lets just stop being such a DAB and get our hustle on! Go to the gym, go out dancing, read your fav book, hang out with friends, call your mom (or sisters) DO SOMETHING. The DAB move is to stay in the place where we are. If we do we have no one to blame but ourselves! We are the DAB that cant get it together!

Phew... Rant over cause its late! LOL

On a happy note I did take some really cute kids to see a really sweet and wonderful movie. So that means I took care of my Star Player and her kids, and that is not a DAB moment for sure.

Stay tuned for some great vacation DAB moments coming in the next few blogs!

Just sayin,

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