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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Live and Let Die

This past Friday night I went to my 20th High School reunion. It was so not what I expected in so many ways. It was also a test for me. Could I go? Could I go alone? Would I kill anyone(always a question when I'm around people)? Would anyone talk to me? I had so many of these questions in my head. Mainly because the last 2 yrs have been hard for me as I rebuilt my life. Ive changed so much in the 20yrs Ive been out of school. I went from a 15 yr comfort zone to being scared out of my mind and on my own. But just like then this was a moment where I could test and see just how big my proverbial balls had gotten. Shit who am I kidding.. I have huge ones! LOL I mean I looked great, felt great and had a good time! Maybe not my ideal body type right now, but I was rocking it anyway.
Some of the unexpected things were how amazing everyone looked. Not that I thought everyone was ugly in school, but damn some of you are timeless. Its not fair that the pretty people stayed pretty, but it was great to see late bloomers in their prime (insert me looking in the mirror here!).
One thing that is great about the 20th is that most of us are over ourselves. We are no longer trying to prove a damn thing we are just being real. I was so grateful for all the women and men who shared their lives with me. Luckily, I was taking pictures all night and it allowed me to personally talk to people in a way that a simple "hi its good to see you" might have done. In truth there were some of us I just did not feel compelled to have long conversations with, but the ones who shared their lives with me were truly touching. For instance Laura, who I got to bowl with here and her husband. She did not have a first good half of her years out of high school, but she is in a great place now and she shines cause of it. Or Angie who I really did not like in HS that much (or at least when I first saw her I remembered thinking that) I was so in awe of her. Not only has she not aged much (albeit some weight gain as she told me lol) she was so real. I loved hearing about her life and how she is going to be getting married again soon. She is still pretty raw from some very sad moments in her life but she was real enough to be honest and share those with me. Very inspiring. Best of luck Angie on ur new life! Then there were the guys. I was not much of a dater in high school (maybe 2 that I can think of then I went and married the first guy I had sex with. Consider yourselves lucky! LOL) one of the guys were there I had my first date ever with him. He is married to a beautiful women and has children. It was so great to talk to them. I could tell that he was so happy and that she was too. Its was not a surprise to hear that they were successful. Thier positive energies were touchable. So congrats to the Hillards. And like fine wine these guys just got better with age. I was fascinated to see the interactions with old flames they were around. Some of the old sparks still flew and that was interesting to say the least cause sexual energy is very intoxicating. Some observations were: The guy that all the girls crushed on was still hot. I remember him in HS and I remember thinking he was very handsome, but never gave him a second glance cause personally I was not into jocks then. HEHE He himself is a very nice man and successful with beautiful kids it made me think I probably missed something about him when I was younger. Again I was fascinated by his timeless charm and face. The ones who were playas still were, but only a few still have the same swagger (KB FTW!). I was also so amazed at how sweet everyone was. I really dont recall sweetness out of all of them in HS, but there in that room was sweetness and it was awesome. Were some still cliquish? Sure!!! But not in the same way. Therefore, it made no difference to me.
I was also NOT amazed at the drama that was there. I anticipated it and sat back and smiled. Life is what it is and humans are strange creatures. I just chalked it up to the main reason I live behind my computer and not really around most humans. However, it left no foul taste in my mouth. Only a moment to blog about :).
The sweetest moment of the night was something I got to witness first hand. A moment that was probably suppose to be private so I wont name names. I over heard and had it retold to me later by one of the parties so I feel compelled to share. Two grown men who as children were enemies. One a jock, big, strong, handsome, popular, the other what most students at the time would have called a freak now we call them nerds (his words not mine). Both are highly successful men in their respected fields with nothing to be ashamed of. However, apologies were made by said jock for the cruel behavior to the other when they were younger. What came next was what I thought was straight out of a movie and made it the #1 reason I am glad I went to the reunion. He (said nerd/freak) said to the apologizer "Thank you for the sorry, and if you have kids you can teach them to not do the same thing. That would be the best sorry ever!" (I am adlibbing to protect the parties involved :)) Hands down best moment of the night, and they both have earned my respect.
All in all I had a great night and dont regret going. I DO regret my bar tabs!!! DAMMMMEEEEEE I can drink! FFS! But other then that I look forward to seeing if I will maintain some friendships or will I just go back to my corner to come out and play every once in a while. lol Either way like my title says it was great to go and Live and let Die!